Motion detection cannot be trusted. Eliminate false alarms by using our intelligent detection models.

Focus on objects of interest

Motion detection events are often time wasting distractions. Our powerful deep learning models can detect objects of interest automatically with zero configuration. False alarms from things like light changes and rustling leaves are now a thing of the past.

Need to detect other types of objects? Talk to us about training custom AI models for your use case.

Person classCar classDog class

Day or Night performance

Infrared (IR) is often used by cameras to capture footage in low light conditions. The footage captured in IR mode is black and white, grainy, highly exposed and contains motion blur. These traits severely affect the detection results of our competitors.

Our detection models are capable of producing accurate results both day and night, providing enhanced security round the clock.

Driveway during the dayDriveway at night

Cloud or Edge

Flexible platform options are available — whether you need the power of cloud computing or the low latency benefits of edge computing. Detect is available via our Cloud API or our Windows and Linux SDKs.


Bounding boxes

Need extra clarity? With bounding boxes, you can zoom in on that person of interest or track his or her direction of travel.

Bounding boxes over people at airport
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Guaranteed Accuracy

Our detection models are best in class and we are confident in standing behind that claim. Image Intelligence’s detection product comes with Guaranteed Accuracy.

We will refund you 10 times the cost of a job if a mistake is found. This means that if we do not provide an accuracy of at least 90%, our service becomes free of charge!

Read about why the accuracy claims made by others cannot be trusted.