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Accuracy ratings are meaningless as they are always biased to the samples tested. Get a 10x refund if a mistake is found.

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Guaranteed accuracy or get a 10x refund


Utilize our powerful Deep Neural Networks with simple API calls. Our cloud infrastructure currently processes millions and millions of image each day. Dedicated close proximity infrastructure is available for enterprise customers to provide low latency access.


Our AI engine can be installed on on-premise Windows or Linux servers. Integrate using our client SDKs or install a bridge to popular video management systems (VMS). Low powered edge devices are also available for scenarios with low power draw requirements.

By focusing on security, we can provide better answers

Generic AI recognition tools are trained using generic images: "front on" photography of scenery, people posing for a photo, product shots, etc.

Image Intelligence's detection models are trained using security camera footage. These cameras are usually mounted in high places and subjects tend to move across the scene. Objects that are recognised are also security focused, for example: people, pets, small vehicles as opposed to landmarks, logos or random objects.